Volunteer For Sharks Logo, Brochure & Web Design

Volunteer for sharks (VFS) was a local Gansbaai startup with a great initiative in mind: They help conserve the great white shark and other sharks through volunteering, sustainability & research in the form of the latest craze to hit SA namely Ecotourism. VFS a volunteer project that gives locals and foreigners the opportunity to become shark volunteers in Africa. Kim Maclean aka "The Sharklady" wanted to create a site where foreigners (mostly) would have a good idea of what this new project entails, how one can become a volunteer and what sort of impact one would have in the bigger picture.
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Italianos CI

Italiano’s had a name change recently from Borrusos Too to Italiano’s. Borrussos Too was created when owner Cameron broke away from the Borrusos Kenilworth restaurant to open his own restaurant in Plumstead under the same franchise, but with a slightly updated logo. Unfortunately due to certain constraints on the original Borrusos logo we couldn’t change much, but Cameron’s initial brief was to add the word “too” somewhere and make it look like a graffiti style stamp. Once this was agreed on we worked on menu designs. Cameron had a specific look and feel in mind which harked to the craft restaurant/craft beer styling of card board and black print. We played with a variety of print finishes and settled on a laminate because people often eat pizza with their hands and the menus could get greasy. A website was then created to showcase the menu, the specials and the location. Borrusos Too became incredibly popular in its Plumstead location and Cameron eventually decided to take the business over completely and therefore the name had to change to Italiano’s. For the Italiano’s brand we had a lot of fun looking at other pizza and pasta designs, but finally settled on the […]
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Keybrand CI

Keybrand was a unique idea started up by an ex colleague. A picture says a 1000 words and images have become such an integrated part of our texting so why not include brand’s logos as well? Keybrand’s mission is to bring that functionality to users so that users can engage with brands by sending logos from the Keybrand keyboard through text and across social media.
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Chilliworks CI

I can't begin to tell you how divinely yummy this product is! ChilliWorks is a Chilli sauce that is a must for all Chilli lovers! Try it on anything & everything pizza, eggs, mix it with Mayonaise or use as a dip. Tracey and Brenden were fabulous to work with as they had a super clear idea of where they wanted to position the brand from the get go and provided me with fantastic mock up ideas and inspiration from the get go. The more info I receive from you the client initially the better success we will have in having happy final brand identity!
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Team Afro CI

A fun and quirky project to work on. These guys had planned to row across the Atlantic (yes you read that right) in the Talisker Whiskey challenge 2016. Unfortunately various factors hindered their process but the CI and website was set up in anycase and I had lots of fun coming up with ways in which to incorporate the rowing and afro/african idea as they would be a African team in an international race.
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Novas Brochure Design

Luthando approached me after a colleague sent him some of my work. He headed up a leadership program which dealt with a variety of different yet similar industry companies and needed to design a brochure for each sector and his training role in this specific sector. A template of sorts as needed so that we could just change out the channel partner’s branding, partner message and photograph, photo replacements appropriate to the sector and contact details on the back cover.
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Take My Word CI & Web redesign, Presentation Design

Louise really pushed the boat out with her branding needs and we learnt a huge amount with every project she had for us. Initially updating her CI document stationery to then assisting with power-point templates we really were given the most to capitalize on her concepts and attention to detail. Take My Word is a brand promoting Louise as a persuasive pitch and presentation coach, speaker, business editor and writer.
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Annette Davis Web & Logo Design

Annete runs a fantastic peaceful physio cranio treatment studio from her beautifully appoint and tranquil home. Annette wanted a brand which would match her own bubbly yet spiritually connected personality. We worked with a lot of hand on logo options but finally settle on making use of the well known ohm yoga symbol and a spinal column of dots to reflect she works with both your body and craniosacral regions.
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Nortal Development Web Design

Nortal required a new brochure to be created to showcase their company profile and service offering. they wanted a clean, corporate brochure which wasnt too text heavy and would be easily read by any of their very high level clients rather than just flipped through. We feel we managed to encapsulate their message in a few key phrases and vector images. We then translated the brochure into a website utilizing their main colour scheme and similar images and phrases to the brochure.
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Beer Lable Design

Fun and quirky beer and Cointreau lable packaging. I'm able to tailor your brand to any medium
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