What will I write about?!

Oh, how this strikes fear in the hearts of many a blogger… “What will my blog be about?”  I agonized over how to begin this blog in a dignified and graceful way that would lead into all the awesome content we will hopefully create. After a few sentences, writing, scrapping, rewriting and moaning, I finally decided to write about our adventure into the truly unknown world (at least for me) of yatching life.

We are a new family of 3 with our most recent addition being our son Finn, who will be the glitter to my toast every day! Andrew, myself and Finn are planning to sail the world and escape the everyday mundanity and find our own glitter on toast through these experiences. GLITTER ON TOAST aims to be a blog about all the subtle beauty found in the mundane everyday life we lead. It will consist of inspiration we find on a daily basis to quirky or funny memes to our own trail of thoughts and ramblings from our family’s adventure

Glitter on toast aims to show others that the escape form the mundane may seem impossible but if you look carefully you will always find something worthwhile in the everyday. Persistance, passion and patience and a good dose of impossible belief are key to attaining that glitter. Our trials and tribulations and magical encounters will be documented through photos, video and of course writing discourse.

We cant wait to share our glitter on toast with you!



  1. August 18, 2014 by Anna K. Reply

    Very unique design and style. Looks awesome. Congratulations 😉

  2. August 18, 2014 by Tom White Reply


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