Macforrest 33 Logo & Web Re-design


On March 13th 2016 Mackenzie Forrest (Mac33) tragically lost her life in a car accident in Colorado USA. Mackenzie, an award-winning high school basketball player, was a living example of why hustle + heart sets you apart. She showed that in competition, playing hard, playing smart and with heart, would pay off. In life she understood how one conversation and reaching out to someone who needed a friend, really matters. Mac’s father Holger approached us to create a bespoke memory website to honor his daughter. This touched a cord with Tait-Modern me and we really pushed the limits of this design and the functionality of the site and learnt a tremendous amount about coding in the process.

Holgar needed a logo  that would be both recognizable and memorable and encompass all that Mac embodied. After a lot of trial and error the Mac 33 logo was born out of Macs own basketball number. We loved how we could find a heart in the negative space of the 33, an utter homage to Macs kind nature. The colours were Macs favourite (teal blue and mango orange) and fit well with her old highschool’s colours too.

The website then followed and the brief for this site was a site where friends family and those dealing with similar grief could get some solace and endearing memories of Mac. Holgar has also created a number of products featuring the Mac slogan and logo to try and promote the foundation Mac used to support as well as the  Lil’ Mac Pledge: “Always buckle up, and remember that kindness matters.” Because of this e-commerce was an important aspect of the site.

We added in a fun interactive Instagram widget which showcases the latest “sightings” of the number 33, a nod to the fact that Mac is watching over us all.

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