Chilliworks CI


I can’t begin to tell you how divinely yummy this product is! ChilliWorks is a chilli sauce that is a must for all chilli lovers! Try it on anything & everything pizza, eggs, mix it with mayonaise or use as a dip. Tracey and Brenden were fabulous to work with as they had a super clear idea of where they wanted to position the brand and provided me with fantastic mock up ideas and inspiration from the get go. The more info I receive from you the client initially the better success we will have in having a happy decision on the final brand identity!

Tracey & Brenden initially wanted a very literal take on the logo i.e. a chilli being crunched through cogs, thereby emphasizing the “chilli” & “works.” We played with this idea a lot but finally decided a more hip, modern and fresh logo would work better and not detract too much from the actual product. The final design is simple yet fresh and worked in a variety of locations from Facebook, to the market table stand to the actual product jars.

We felt we could push the design a bit further with the business cards and flyers and really got into the craft beer/craft food market styling here. We are also currently in the process of creating a bespoke website which should be live soon

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