Enjoi Plumbing CI update


Enjoi Plumbing have had the same logo for a long time and were rather hesitant to change too much of it as they were worried about losing brand loyal customers. But once we got into the nitty gritty design phase we were able to come up with a happy compromise which worked for both those who wanted the old logo to stay and those who saw the need for a fresh new design to step in and step up the brands presence and overall sophistication.

Tanya wanted something fresh and modern to show the company and brand as an efficient, in with the times, reliable plumbing company to use. She initially contacted us for vehicle re-branding that was needed, this snowballed to the logo redesign but was a great point of reference as we knew from the get-go that the brand and logo needed to be hi-rez enough to blow up onto the side of a vehicle. Please do bear this in mind when briefing us as certain images may pixelate when blowing up to this size.

The final logo brought in the “drop” from the previous logo but it was more updated with a ,odern gradient, this was then used in conjunction with logo type for the word “Enjoi” using a font created by Tait-Modern to fit the plumbing look and feel. The fun faucet on the “J” added to this overall font look and feel.

We created business cards, letterheads and a usable vinyl artwork for the side of their vans