Volunteer For Sharks Logo, Brochure & Web Design


Volunteer for sharks (VFS) is a local Gansbaai startup with a great initiative in mind: They help conserve the great white shark and other sharks through volunteering, sustainability & research in the form of the latest craze to hit SA namely Ecotourism. VFS a volunteer project that gives locals and foreigners the opportunity to become shark volunteers in Africa. Kim Maclean aka “The Sharklady” wanted to create a site where foreigners (mostly) would have a good idea of what this new project entails, how one can become a volunteer and what sort of impact one would have in the bigger picture.

We started with a new brand identity for VFS and came up with a simple yet striking logo which is easy to turn into a monochrome image if one so desired. Kim also like the circular styling as she felt this worked best with her other existing family of brands. From there we moved on to creating the website and were fed fantastic content and photos to really encapsulate the feeling that VFS is about. Again one cannot reiterate enough how important good photography is to e new brand or website. It adds an air of sophistication that those with bad photos just cannot compete with. We also worked on a number of banner designs, swing tags, fb adverts and a brochure for VFS as well as a quick logo update for her leisure boat trip cruiser: Playa cruises.

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