Fullstop Events


Tracey has been utilizing Tait-Modern for a couple of years now for various projects (Chilliworks & her Kids invitations). It was therefore only natural that when she wanted to overhaul her own company’s look and feel she came to us.

Fullstop Events use their experience & every possible resource to create & provide an event that exceeds your expectations & reflects who you are or what your Brand stands for. They assist with any process of an event from Concept creation to completion. Keeping this mission and vision front of mind and taking on Tracey concept of wanting a more hipster, fresh and unified logo, we came up with a couple of options and Tracey fell in love with the circle/ feather icon we created, showing that she does all aspects of event co-ordination. We created a flyer as well as added her new logo onto a couple of photos from her past events