Italianos CI


Italiano’s had a name change recently from Borrusos Too to Italiano’s. Borrussos Too was created when owner Cameron broke away from the Borrusos Kenilworth restaurant to open his own restaurant in Plumstead under the same franchise, but with a slightly updated logo. Unfortunately due to certain constraints on the original Borrusos logo we couldn’t change much, but Cameron’s initial brief was to add the word “too” somewhere and make it look like a graffiti style stamp. Once this was agreed on we worked on menu designs. Cameron had a specific look and feel in mind which harked to the craft restaurant/craft beer styling of card board and black print. We played with a variety of print finishes and settled on a laminate because people often eat pizza with their hands and the menus could get greasy. A website was then created to showcase the menu, the specials and the location.

Borrusos Too became incredibly popular in its Plumstead location and Cameron eventually decided to take the business over completely and therefore the name had to change to Italiano’s. For the Italiano’s brand we had a lot of fun looking at other pizza and pasta designs, but finally settled on the hipster styled simple logo which jumps out at you whether its on a window or a menu or a newspaper advert. The website was a simple change over to this new logo design. Cameron had the ingenious idea of creating library card business cards as so much of his restaurant interior is filled with books and has a library like appeal to it being cozy, warm and inviting.

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