Keybrand CI


Keybrand was a unique idea started up by an ex colleague, Gary. A picture says a 1000 words and images have become such an integrated part of our texting so Gary thought why not include brand’s logos into our mobi experience as well?  Keybrand’s mission is to bring that functionality to users so that users can engage with brands by sending logos from the “Keybrand Keyboard” through texting and across social media.

Gary’s initial brief was a full CI for his business so he could take the idea and pitch to various investors. It is almost unheard of these days  to have a brand without a website, hence the necessity to get the full CI out as soon as we could. His initial logo idea was simple and clean: a white background with a clean and neat black ‘K’ or ‘KB’ and a black border. With this specific brief in mind we worked on a bunch of logos and finally settled on something which fully encompassed his vision ad pushed the boundaries of the brand into sophistication and luxury.

He also required an emoticon keyboard to be design in a similar vein and look and feel as the logo which was much more complicated than initially expected, but the overall simple iconography worked well with the general black, grey and white concept.

The website had to be something quite out of the box as it was a unique concept in itself. We feel that the wordpress theme we utilized and crafted really pushed the boundaries of a users interaction with web design and worked well for Keybrand as it was simple yet effective in its message and call to actions around the app.

We also worked on a businesses profile, a presentation , business cards, letterheads and email footers for this brand

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