Origen Newsletter Design


Origen Engineering, like many other engineering industry companies, was very stuck in their ways of comic sans fonts and unappealing almost dull powerpoint slides. They were in desperate need of an overhaul without even realizing it themselves. This is something we cant reiterate enough, if you have your brand identity and strategy set as solid from the get-go and are prepared for it to grow and change as you grow then your company’s marketing strategy is almost never going to fail. It really make a huge difference in how potential new clients perceive you vs the competition.

Origen started with a monthly newsletter which we have created using the CRM Mailchimp in a simple yet modern and easy to read layout template. Newsletters are a great way to get your brand to be recognized on a weekly or monthly basis and add content to your site/blog on a repetitive basis which is fantastic for google SEO purposes.

Origen then requested a fun interactive executive toy/brochure which we worked tirelessly on to ensure we had something that was both conceptually engineering orientated and easy to read and display.

Their powerpoint presentation was last on the list and needed a vast improvement as still harked to the days of making use of overhead projectors. With a lot of encouragement  and coaxing we really feel we have pushed their powerpoint template into a direction which is much easier to read, makes use of their core brand identity (fonts and colouring) and is simple for even those not o-fey with technology to update.