Take My Word CI & Web redesign, Presentation Design


Louise really pushed the boat out with her branding needs and we learnt a huge amount with every project she hadĀ  for us. Initially we updated her CI document stationery and then assisted with power-point templates and were able to really capitalize on her own homegrown concepts and attention to detail. Take My Word is a brand promoting Louise as a persuasive pitch and presentation coach, speaker, business editor and writer, Louise has specialized in business-to-business communication for more than 30 years. She holds interactive, engaging workshops on pitching for business, pitching for investment andĀ persuasive presentations. In addition, Louise coaches individuals for perfection in advance of public speaking events, conferences and sales presentations. Because of the nature of her business Tait-Modern was exposed to a lot of her techniques and teachings and feels that we have learnt an incredible amount in how we portray our own business ventures.

Louise’s website initially included an interactive booking calendar where new clients could book off her time-slots for specific skills training. Louise has since found that replying directly to contact form requests allows her to add her personal touch when booking time-slots and so this was updated on her site. Louise was adamant to use as little text as possible throughout the site as she felt text heavy sites are just not engaged with very much (we tend to agree) and so we added fun roll-over images on a few of the pictures on the site which allow for added SEO ability while not making the site appear too text heavy.

We have also worked on Louise’s own presentation template slideshow as well as a couple of instances whereby Louise & Tait-Mordern have collaborated to bring a client the ultimate presentation design and pitching skills. A notable client here is the pitch presentation for Netto Invest Financial Services. If you or your company are looking for a new slideshow pitch presentation that is guaranteed to entice new customers please contact Louise today and mention Tait-Modern as a design reference.

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